The Growing Confusion and Rising Litigation Threats over Website Accessibility

shutterstock_128810011You own a store and you have a website…does your website and mobile app have to be accessible with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)?  This is a question that many retailers are struggling with especially in light of new aggressive litigation tactics taken by a single plaintiff represented by law firm in Pittsburgh who has been sending letters to companies and organizations across all industries, big and small, national chains and independents, threatening litigation under the ADA for a non-compliant website.  The law firm even recently sued the NBA over its website.

The question I receive is “what is this all about” and “what does it mean for my business?”

As background, the ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of disability with regard to their participation and equal enjoyment in places of public accommodation.  Typically, the issues arise in brick-and-mortar buildings such as Continue reading