New Employment Laws and Updates from the Department of Labor under a Biden Administration [Webinar Recording]

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, Lindsay A. DiSalvo and Mark M. Trapp presented a webinar regarding New Employment Laws and Updates from the Department of Labor under a Biden Administration.

CaptureAs we transitioned into the Biden Administration in January 2021, questions swirled about what the Department of Labor (“DOL”) would look like and predictions were made as to the issues and initiatives it would prioritize, as well as what would come of Trump-era DOL policies. Now, almost a year and a half into the President Biden’s term, we reviewed some of the most significant rulemakings and changes we have seen from the DOL under Biden. Though the Emergency Temporary Standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration generally took center stage, the DOL promulgated other significant and impactful regulations, particularly in the areas of tipped employees and joint employment.

Specifically, the DOL promulgated a rule that narrowed the standard for whom an employer can take a tip credit under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which had been significantly broadened by the DOL under Trump. It also rescinded a rule issued during the Trump Administration that more clearly defined and restricted when a company will be found to be a joint employer.

We also reviewed what appears to be coming down the pipeline and make more predictions about what employers can expect from the Biden Administration’s DOL throughout the remainder of this presidential term.

Participants in this webinar learned about:

  • Biden Administration’s DOL Regulatory Agenda, including rulemaking and policy setting priorities
  • New rules from the DOL and their impact on important issues like tip credits, tip pooling, and joint employment
  • Enforcement initiatives and guidance from the DOL and its sub-agencies
  • Predictions for the Department of Labor over the next 2.5 years

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