Employment Law Update in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois [Webinar Recording]

On March 24th, Daniel C. Deacon and Ashley D. Mitchell presented a webinar regarding an Employment Law Update in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois.

CaptureThe District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia have enacted or are considering a host of changes that employers need to keep track of in 2021, such as revisions to discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, labor laws, and workplace safety and health regulations.

Illinois employers should be aware of an already existing minimum wage increase that takes effect in 2021, and there are a host of laws that took effect at various points in 2020. Indeed, in 2020, employers were faced with an expanded Illinois Human Rights Act that applies beyond the physical workplace, covers non-employee contractors and protects against discrimination based on perceived (in addition to actual) protected status. There were also special new rules enacted that apply to restaurants, bars and coffee shops, as well as disclosure requirements that will necessitate notifying the Department of Human Rights of adverse judgments in employment discrimination or harassment matters. Finally, the Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act was amended and the signed “trailer bill” has clarified what employers should do if they wish to prohibit the use of marijuana as part of their workplace drug and alcohol policy.

Participants in this webinar learned:

  • Which policies and procedures should be reviewed and/or revised;
  • Minimum Wage Increases
  • What type of harassment training must be provided to employees and when;
  • What steps Illinois employers should take if they wish to continue drug testing for cannabis;
  • Tips to comply with D.C’s Paid Leave Act, and the increased minimum wage
  • Key workplace controls and steps to comply with Virginia’s Emergency Temporary COVID-19 Standard
  • Steps to comply with Maryland’s revised discrimination laws and new laws related to facial recognition technology during employee interviews and Maryland’s Mini-WARN Act

We are pleased to share these links to a copy of the slides and a recording of the webinar.

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