[Webinar] NLRB Update: Senate Confirmations, Union Organizing, and Election Rules

On Wednesday, September 16th at 1:00 PM ET, join Kara M. Maciel and Mark M. Trapp for a webinar regarding “NLRB Update: Senate Confirmations, Union Organizing, and Election Rules.”

With a solid Republican majority in place for most of the Trump Administration, and new confirmations establishing a quorum, the National Labor Relations Board is methodically establishing or re-establishing many pro-employer precedents. We will discuss the status of the Board and its Members and the impact of its most important rulings. We will also discuss several ongoing NLRB rulemakings including changes to the election rules, as well as union organizing tactics in light of COVID-19.  This webinar will address these and other timely issues, equipping employers to understand the potential impact on their employees and workplace.

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